About Us
Z.X.RAY is a professional research and development technology company in X-ray field, the company adheres to independent innovation & developing know-core. As a new element in China’s industrial X-ray domain, Z.X.RAY fully integrated “ reliable, detailed, user experience”, provide high quality and reliable industrial X-ray products for customers.
In 2014, Power Tree high frequency high voltage generator R&D team joined Z.X.RAY, which have rich experience in the field of high frequency resonance, high voltage and automatic control. Z.X.RAY high frequency high voltage generator and X-ray machine are the designated auxiliary product for many industrial and security X-ray mainframe manufacturer. Power Tree series 100-600kV high frequency high voltage generator and X-ray machine, 7.5MeV betatron and X-ray tube aging & testing power supply had been an ideal and reliable domestic solution for the industry.
In 2015, Dr. Jianqiang Mei Raylion computer vision team join in Z.X.RAY, Z.X.RAY insists on the point of penetration of core digital image processing technology independent R&D, driving X-ray imaging detection system development, Z.X.RAY video software can quick reaction and unceasing upgrade to aim at clients’ requirement, provide solutions. Z.X.RAY Raylion Image Filtering function can help customers to identify complicated shape defect features more clearly. Under the independent master the core advantage of digital image processing technology, Z.X.RAY successful launch ZXFlasee series auto parts、steel pipe weld joint、high voltage electrical component digital image detection system, Help customers to improve site detection efficiency and equipment users’ comfort level.
In July,2017, Z.X.RAY and Dandong Kemaite Radiative Instrument Co. Ltd. (KMT) in-depth strategic cooperation, Z.X.RAY had been injected high frequency X-ray technique, KMT has become a member of Z.X.RAY. After integrationed KMT as Z.X.RAY popularize Swiss Comet and local Power Tree X-ray products of cutting edge brand, based on popularize high frequency X-ray technique, serve high-end customer requirement, provide stable and reliable middle and high-end imported and domestic high frequency X-ray devices for customers.
“Craftsman Spirit, Contract Spirit, Humanistic Spirit”is the code of conduct of Z.X.RAY.
Don’t blind expansion, always ensure that each order is covered by“ high quality technological analysis”,”perfect quality testing”and “full time after-sales service”is the distinguishing feature of Z.X.RAY marketing idea.
Future, China X-ray, Z.X.RAY go along with you.
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