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PTMegaB Betatron
Betatron have high cost performance, procurement cost is 50-65% of 4/6MeV. linear accelerator, 10-20%  of later maintenance cost. The equipment have small volume, light weight, (1/4 of linear accelerator ), radiator’s weight is only  100kg, convenient location, illumination bigger work-piece, flexible movement. Because don’t need configured linear accelerator’s crane and yoke, although the thickness of the protective wall is basically equal to linear accelerator(1.5m), the height and the area of the protective room can be greatly shrink, the construction cost of the protective room is 50% of linear accelerator. The modulator use air cooling replace water cooling, reduce fault link, less affected by environment.
Therefore, the betatron is widely used in the casting of the large-sized work-pieces, welding,bridge and concrete testing etc.

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