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PTK Series Air-cooled water/oil cooler
PTK series fortified cooler is design for kinds of X-ray machine’s cooling, divided in forced air cooling and refrigeration compressor cooling two types, it can fit X-ray tube’s long-term continuous operation, low failure rate, high reliability, with accurate temperature (switching value、analog value) and flow alerting signal. Forced air cooling products can meet daily work less than 1800W continuous real-time imaging and batch film transillumination.
•When room temperature exceed 32℃ for water cooler , suggested use compressor refrigeration.
•When room temperature exceed 42℃ for oil cooler, suggested use compressor refrigeration.
•Before water cooler leave factory will add -30℃ cooling fluid as cooling medium, for prevent cold region cooling fluid icing cause X-ray tube damage.
•Oil cooler cooling fluid using dielectric strength per 2.5mm>50kV -30℃ not frozen transformer oil.
•All cooler have filter in it, to prevent impurities clogging the X-ray tube
•All cooler’s outlet pipe connecting with standard quick coupling, convenient for quick installation.

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